Kafe Kanson Fè

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Two Bags of 12 oz finely ground

This 100% pure Haitian coffee is of a high quality and roasted in the traditional Haitian style, a dark french roast. Such a roast brings out the deep natural chocolate flavors and deep robust complexity of the mountain grown coffee.

Unfortunately some coffees from Haiti are not 100% pure Haitian coffee as a couple now use beans imported from other countries through the Dominican Republic and brought across the boarder in trucks to hide their country of origin. 

Other Haitian coffees on the US and Canadian market may be Haitian coffee, however they are roasted to North American tastes and not traditional in style.

If you want a "taste of home" that is of high quality, you will be glad you found Kafe Kenson Fè. This coffee is a call to action to help the coffee industry in Haiti that is quickly disapearing.

This selection is identical to the Haitian Midnight Air coffee that is marketed to Americans.