Our "WHY"


Our Mission

Through education, events and an attention to quality, provide the world’s premium coffee in order to:

1.) Help Small Plot Farmers Prosper,

2.) Work to revive Haitian Coffee Communities

3.)Support Foundational Ecological Projects (to the coffee industry).

Our mission is to introduce coffee lovers to unique premium coffees from around the world. When you join our coffee “Revolution” you will experience first hand the incredible variety with selected coffees. You will also be able to help plant trees and support small plot coffee farmers in Haiti. We partner with existing national-led Haitian organizations which are doing incredible things to restore the environment while at the same time providing a sustainable economic support to select communities. This effort helps the large number of women led families, provides support for food security, sustains the children’s education and health. The goal is to help specific communities get on a firm sustainable economic footing so that other industry will develop over time.
Socially Responsible
By providing support for sustainable agroforestry projects we will hit, 
Two “birds” - One “Stone”

We are convinced that the underpinnings of a society is a solid economy. Therefore, in order to address any societal issues one must first shore up the means by which communities are able to become self-sustainable. This means that a large percentage of a particular community must have a way to make a living and to take care of their family with the most basic requirements, education, healthcare, work, and social support. The coffee industry can provide this to the people of Haiti, providing that some larger issue in the coffee industry are addressed. We seek to help specific communities do the following:

      • Plant Trees
      • Develop a Consistent Coffee Processing System
      • Create Cash Crops that Suppliment
      • Develp Markets

    Why Coffee?

    At one time Haiti provided the world with upwards of 40% of all the coffee consumed in the world. Over the centuries this has deteriorated to a negligible amount. Many complicated factors account for this, however, it is reversible. If the climate, topography, workforce and economic vacuum exists why shouldn’t we try to bring about a resurgence of premium coffee from this beautiful island nation? This effort is centered on select communities, specific tree planting and ecological projects, coffee education, strategic production development and market integration. It affects the entire coffee value chain, provides support for women farmers, child food security, agroforestry, and watershed protection.


    Call us to discuss how you can help impact the coffee value chain in Haiti


    Why Agroforestry,... and Ecological Restoration?

    In general, planting trees in blighted parts of our world does not truly accomplish the desired result. For some regions this task is complex. It has the potential to change the economy, and even the society of that particular community. Imagine you are a single woman farmer that is scraping by to provide for your family by cultivating a couple of acres of land. Would you be willing to replace your crops (food) for shade trees merely because some international agency asked you to do that? It’s no wonder that less than 25% of all trees planted by outside projects survive more than 5 years in the field once “planted”. 


    What about erosion? Well,… yes, it is true that many hillsides in Haiti have had trees cut for charcoal, however, that doesn’t mean that underbrush and other vegetation doesn’t exist on those slopes. Definitely, erosion is a major problem. So much more needs to be addressed. Instead of wringing our hands at the problem, why not put the money spent on project studies into practical grass-roots initiatives administered and verified by national organizations that are already doing the work? That’s why we are partnering with a well-recognized University which has an Agronomy School. 


    The projects we promote for completion help solve multiple issues. Bamboo projects provide watershed management, while creating industry never seen in Haiti. Coffee tree planting projects helps with carbon replacement and still provides a cash crop for small-plot farmers. Shade trees planted are planted which are compatible with premium coffee production. Morenga trees planted with the coffee trees provide the necessary shade, while creating an edible dietary supplement that has been proven to be a nutritional game changer. These are some of the practical ways that agroforestry and other ecological projects not only support the premium coffee industry, but also help to develop an economic foundation to a fragile economy. 

    We have identified a couple specific communities that we want to help with projects that support small-plot coffee farmers. For more information please take a look at the "Projects" link above.