About Us

Who We Are:     

Our founder and self-proclaimed "coffee revolutionary" is Darryl Brown. Some of his earliest memories include sipping demi-tasse cuped coffee as a child in the remote areas of Haiti, where his parents were missionaries for over 22 years. After returning to the USA for college Darryl has taken many trips back to Haiti over the years where he is always accepted because of his love for the people and the country of his youth. In recent years, he has seen firsthand the devastation from Hurricane Matthew in 2016 to the coffee regions of the Southern peninsula. He has also heard the stories from the Northern coffee farmers who have been affected by disease crippling their coffee trees. He knew he wanted to do something after learning that coffee exports from Haiti decreased by 85% between 2015 and 2016. The best way to help is to provide a hand up instead of a hand out.

TREEmendous Coffee LLC provides premium coffee in order to support and sponsor tree planting projects with small plot coffee farmers in blighted parts of Haiti. We provide roasted coffee to Retail Consumers and Wholesale Clients. We supply private label options for businesses and organizations seeking  meaningful fundraising opportunities. Our emphasis on providing 100% Pure Premium Haitian coffee roasted traditionally is unique to the coffee market. Many of the larger Haitian coffee companies can't say it's pure Haitian coffee and other roasters don't provide a selection roasted in the traditional Haitian way... we do! We have a passion and a purpose!

Our Vision:

Champion premium single origin coffee in such a way as to impact the entire value chain from small plot farmers to discerning coffee drinkers.


We love to share the joy of premium coffee with our friends and new customers.  We believe you will recognize the ....

  • Un-Common Quality

  • Un-Traditional Approach 

We have hope... we are pumped about the future !